We provide a comprehensive design service that results in a complete set of construction documents which you can share with any contractor to see your dreams become a reality. We work with owners looking for quality design and detailing. We provide those individuals and families with comprehensive design, documentation and detailing services.

What does that mean?

Design: Plans from scratch, renovation ideas to make better use of existing space, modifications to existing plans, and additions that make the most of new areas: All with construction cost in mind, backed by service that you will be more than satisfied with.

Documentation: Providing the information necessary for a contractor to price and build the plans we have provided. Everything from window sizes, door sizes, ceiling heights, appropriate dimensions, and of course information about appliance placement and plumbing fixtures.

Detailing: The job is cost effective because of the effective use of space and the details. Utilizing standard sizes for framing, readily available sizes for lavatories, details that work, and foundation details that provide the most function are a few ways we can try to keep costs down. We do not dictate the means and methods of the contractor but we do have experience enough to understand the process.

 Find a sample of the products offered here:

Sample Brochure (PDF, 100kb) | Sample Set (PDF 950kb)