Who we are is as much about where we are going as it is about where we came from. Although, where we came from is the only evidence that we have to prove we can be effective and that by choosing us you will have made a good decision.

The manager and prime contact is Tony Brown. Tony has lived in the Memphis area since 1994 and has been in the Architecture and/or Construction related industry since 1990. His experience spans commercial architecture, residential planning, structural detailing, construction estimator, and CADD drafting. This “Jack of all Trades” has seen a lot of construction and has worked on many different types of projects over his career. He has taught Computer Drafting and Basics of Civil Engineering at a local technical college and taught 10th grade Sunday School at his church. Experience and commitment will not be an issue when dealing with Tony on your next building project.

This is a small operation that provides quality service for specific needs.

We are not an Architecture or Engineering Firm and there are limits to the size and function of work we are allowed, by law, to perform. Please Call or E-mail us and let’s discuss our future together.