First things first: All initial consultations are free. No money changes hands until a contract is signed. No selling and no upcharge. Free to meet, free to discuss further, free to sit down and ask questions. No pressure and no automated email/phone “spam” follow-ups.

Ok, now that I got that out of the way…

We provide complete residential (houses/out buildings/barns/etc.) design services. We will provide all necessary detailing and documentation that can be handed off to a contractor who will bring your dream from paper to reality. That includes personally meeting with you to discuss the starting design. All decisions are made and approved by you. I will provide my opinion and you can decide on what direction is best for your home.

I will turn those design ideas into an initial sketch, to include all floor plans and the beginnings of an elevation. We will meet again, either in person or online, to talk through the plans and discuss changes. As the project progresses, the plans get moved into a digital format and the precision added.

We meet again to look over the more detailed and precise plans and to incorporate any notes you might have. We would be interacting along the way to make sure the plans and elevations meet your needs. Finally the plans are documented with the necessary information for your contractor to bid and build the home.

The result is a custom set of construction documents that will be something you could never purchase on a website, but details personal to you with aspects you had control over.

You will receive a full set of construction documents in PDF format for you and your contractor to print or distribute as needed to get the home built.

Just what you and your family deserves.

This is a small operation that provides quality service for specific needs.

We are not an Architecture or Engineering Firm and there are limits to the size and function of work we are allowed, by law, to perform.

Take a look at the State Exemptions page for a list specific to each state.