Market Sentiment

78 per cent of buyers think floor plans are essential before looking at a property. In a separate survey, agents who use floor plans also reported 26 per cent higher commission levels than those who weren’t using them.” – Estate Agency News (United Kingdom)


TIme is Money

Christine Pardo, an agent at Kroll Realty in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., often creates her own floor plans for clients, similar to those she created when she was a kitchen designer. It is time-consuming: She spends an hour measuring and another hour working with a computer program. (New York Times)


Residential Floor Plans


All files will be transmitted as directed. We can provide many different image file types and PDF format. These deliverable types will be discussed and agreed upon during the initial meeting. We will document the approved type in the first signed agreement.

We will provide a basic floor plan with all interior and exterior walls, doors and windows. We will also include approximate room sizes in a LxW format for all significant rooms. We will make one site visit to compile sketches and room dimensions. All information collected will be for plan preparation and should not be considered exact or complete. This information is supplied for general layout and size only.


 Find a sample of the Floor Plan product here:

Sample First Floor (PDF, 20kb) | Sample Second Floor (PDF 11kb)


3D Design and Visualizations

Each View

We can provide any number of 3D views that might be wanted of a particular home or commercial property. Because of the highly intense nature of a complete 3D view this service is priced on each view. The size and quality of the finished image will determine the time and effort needed to complete the rendering.


This is a small operation that provides quality service for specific needs.

We are not an Architecture or Engineering Firm and there are limits to the size and function of work we are allowed, by law, to perform.

Take a look at the About Us page for a list of specific exemptions.

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